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CybuzzSC Infotech Pvt. Ltd. | Technologies


LAMP Stack

CIPL uses the far-reaching potential of LAMP Stack that is structured in a layered way. Each layer provides a critical part of the entire software stack to provide comprehensive solutions. LAMP, which stands for and is an amalgamation of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, is an open-source web platform that offers a powerful alternative to proprietary platforms.

The license-free environment enables us to custom-develop cost-efficient solutions for our customers with an option for fast scale-up capabilities. LAMP offers refined ease of customization, flexibility, and deployment, along with security and a passionate community of supporters.

  • Linux is an operating system that governs all the hardware resources affiliated with the computer system. Basically, a system that governs the connection/transmission between the software and hardware.
  • Apache is a Web server and not an operating system and is attached to the operating system. Logistically Apache contributes to assimilating the structure for getting a Web page to a user. Apache runs more than 60 percent of all Web sites on the Internet. It is a critical but stable and capable server which can be customized by using extensions and modules for different requirements of the customer. The PHP component sits inside Apache, and you use Apache and PHP together to create a vast range of dynamic pages.
  • An important part of the LAMP Stack open source enterprise, MySQL provides the data-storage side of the system, in other words, it is a database management system of LAMP. With MySQL, one can add, access and process data that is stored in a computer. It plays a critical role as it has access to a very capable database suitable for running large and complex sites. Within your Web application, all your data, products, accounts, and other types of information will reside in this database as a standalone or even as a part of other applications in a format that is easily accessible to query with the SQL language.
  • PHP is a simple and efficient programming language that provides bonding for all the other components of the LAMP system. PHP is used to write dynamic content capable of accessing the data in the MySQL database and some of the features that Linux provides especially suited for web development.


MEAN Stack


MEAN Stack, a relatively new stack, is a collaboration of four most proficient JavaScript-based technology platforms, which is widely used for building web applications and JavaScript development for cloud-based applications. A consistent and standardized software stack is very crucial while making an application from scratch, especially for those who are aiming towards providing a reliable, responsive and scalable web application which will also reduce development time and streamline the resources and MEAN caters to that.

CIPL is a MEAN stack Development Company specializing in full stack development and we are well versed with each component of MEAN, that helps us with flexibility and ease of development in making world-class MEAN JavaScript-based technology according to everyone’s business needs starting from the top i.e., code running in browser to the bottom i.e., database.

The stack is a combination of MongoDB, Express.JS, Aangular.JS, and Node.JS.

MongoDB is an open source NoSQL database, which empowers businesses to be more agile and scalable. MongoDB has a flexible architecture and it supports different data formats used by the back-end application to store its data documents. MongoDB helps make data transmission easier between client and server as it saves data in binary JSON format which helps data integration effective, faster and scalable as it is a document-oriented database.

Express.JS is a minimal and flexible web application framework which provides us a robust set of features to build a single page as well as multipage web along with mobile applications. It is an application that runs on Node.JS.

The functionality of Express.JS is to manage the synergy between the front-end and the database safeguarding a smooth transfer of data to the final user. Express.JS has the outstanding error handling ability and templating functionality which assists in development processes without cluttering the application development.


A popular front-end framework in use, AngularJS is an open-source web application framework for dynamic web apps, which allows you to extend your HTML vocabulary application. This JavaScript-based development framework is extraordinarily expressive, readable, and quick to develop. MEAN stack includes Angular.JS which helps developers build UI side of an application dynamically.

There is a smooth transmission of information between all parts of the application as the back-end, front-end and database are all built on JavaScript. Angular.JS has the capability to develop an application for desktop and mobility simultaneously.

Node JS, the open-source, cross-platform which is used for building fast and scalable server-side applications. Node.JS applications are built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine which has a rich library of various JavaScript modules.

It is a framework which is ideal for cloud-based applications and is the backbone of the MEAN stack. The biggest plus of Node.JS is its scalability. It is a framework behind many web applications.

CIPL is one of the fast-growing MEAN Stack development company. We make use of MEAN Stack technology for crafting web applications and websites that can transform your website into a more productive as well as effective business. Our skillful MEAN Stack developers that are capable of creating websites along with web apps to showcase your business.


Microsoft Technology Stack


CIPL has been instrumental in the development of many mid to large-scale applications using Microsoft Technologies. Our expert teams of architects and developers have done large work in developing an application using most of the Microsoft Technologies in other words Microsoft technology stack (Microsoft range of applications) including but not limited to ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, WPF, Silverlight, SharePoint, BizTalk Server and have built applications for diverse business verticals.

Our workforce of certified professionals ensures that your businesses stay relevant to the existing trends and the new digital era keeping in mind the changing customer requirement and the need for high-power performance.

Our team is well equipped and has developed a comprehensive range of applications, such as

  • Desktop-based Applications
  • Web-based Applications
  • Embedded System Applications


JAVA Technology Stack


CIPL have been successfully developing high performance, scalable and extensible Java applications in various domains. Our Java drives solutions have served our clients immensely by adding successfully to the bottom line of their respective businesses. JAVA Technology stack as the phrase explains is a set of software that provides the base or framework for a computer be it is being installed for a client or a server.

JAVA programming is

  • Mature by nature for development
  • It is a standardized technology with several systems and components
  • It has a diverse and anxious community of developers
  • Possesses easily readable and uniquely portable architecture
  • Invariably improving memory management
  • Supports high load web-services
  • Cross-platform performance that is fit for desktop, web and mobile development
  • Known for its backward compatibility, i.e., older version of JAVA will run uninterrupted on the new versions.