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Team Extension Model (TEM) also referred to as Extended Team Model (ETM) is an outsourcing model at CyBuzzSC Infotech Pvt Ltd. which is suggested to our client accordingly to a particular requirement which the client may need to have the right skill set for a team as a right team is a key to a successful business. It may be the requirement of a developer, tester, code reviewer or project manager, etc with the right or specific expertise and dedication for a software web application or mobile app.

 It is a challenging aspect of getting on-board the correct resources to meet the need to work exclusively on a particular project as part of an existing team. In principle, TEM is another more focused version of a dedicated development team. This is another way to offer managed IT staffing services to our clients, helping them to extend their specific software development teams with talented engineers quickly and more efficiently.

Specific experts appointed in the TEM model are gap filing and generally not project-based but continue after the project ends to a new project or support. They complement the in-house team, are not substitutes, and continue to support the core team in house and/or the extended team offshore. This/this member/ s of the team is/are equally responsible for the outcome of a project as the core team as they are equally engaged. 

The client, for whom the extended team is appointed, has total control over the process and association, including recruitment, training, etc, and this gives the project manager/owner time to give attention to other aspects of the project/business but retaining control of key decisions.

In the team extension model, we try to find the appropriate person like a software engineer with the right or particular expertise and high loyalty for the software project. In this case, the resource/s is specifically put together to meet the client’s project needs. If the client wants and feels appropriate, they can be involved in the hiring decision-making process.

The client gets direct communication and minimal third-party involvement in the process, while the resource/s are 100% dedicated to a project. Some clients (due to various reasons) wish to have more direct control over the development process, which is why we decided to adopt this extended team model within our company. 

This approach relies on the so-called “Fixed Monthly Service Fee” model, which comprises of software developer cost and a fixed monthly service fee.



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