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Project Outsourcing Model (POM) is somewhat similar to Dedicated Development Team (DDT) model but in a much broader aspect that can be implemented by different businesses in different ways. For example, a third party through the POM or DDT outsourcing can develop a software project. In this model, the client does not need to have tech expertise in-house to manage the process while we handle all aspects of the development process with minimal involvement from the client, which helps in cost-effective and complete delivery of projects within the set timeline and within budget with all the effectiveness.

It may also be referred to as SLA/Milestone based projects wherein the aim is the same to deliver specified milestones/SLAs in a project and we work with our client towards a common goal. This model is suited for an iterative and process-oriented approach where the internal and external milestones along with ownership & accountability of the project have been clearly defined. The client is clear about the project requirement and specifications before starting the project. After the client’s request, we analyze the complete project scope and complexity and provide delivery time and a fixed budget for the complete project development for the client’s approval. The client pays a fixed price and gets delivery of their project within an agreed timeline with the best output. 

For us, it is even more important to consistently deliver the agreed milestones on time and within budget by effectively always trying to increase the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. This is where CyBuzzSC Infotech has established a good reputation with its clients be it in the government sector or the private sector as we deliver the projects as required and with the required precision.

We specialize in delivering solutions for both large and mid-sized companies. We provide you with educated, technical and functional experts in current and legacy technologies. We maintain clear communications, deploying the right talent for the projects, managing high efficiency in resource utilization, and delivering cost-effective and robust solutions on time to our clients. 

Like every business, we aim to achieve maximum capability within optimum budget and generally the best and more economical approach is to do everything in-house, but in today’s digital world, technology interventions have provided alternatives that have been tested over a period of time to be more economical and easier. Project Outsourcing is a practice in which the company or person is working with a third-party service provider instead of doing all the work in house, it is sometimes referred to private labelling too.

Under this model, we at CyBuzzSC Infotech Pvt Ltd. offer impressive reductions in costs with great improvements in business efficiency while keeping transparency and regular update on the project. Project outsourcing is gradually becoming a strategic aspect of any business; we handle all aspects of the software development project from scratch, i.e. offer end-to-end services milestone-based services, including project development along with project support after development.


In this model there a fixed price & timeline with milestones are agreed upon where the scope of work is clearly defined and agreed upon between the customer and CyBuzzSC Infotech, the customer pays a fixed price for all milestones deliverables for the entire project. The project plan in such scenarios clearly specifies the scope, costs, deliverables, and schedule, and any scope changes during project execution would result in the change of price & time, it is best suited for small and medium-size projects.

In a typical project model, developers may work on several projects simultaneously, which may result in a lower developer engagement rate and lesser commitment to the project. However, we at CyBuzzSC Infotech prefer to provide our clients with the best of technical and functionally dedicated developers who know the project from start and are able to give importance to the project assigned to them accordingly till the completion with regular updates to the client at every stage of the project.

Our Highlights:

  • Technology Lifecycle Management approach
  • Structured/Modular Development Process
  • Optimum  Experience
  • Client Involvement
  • Clear communication updates
  • Full support Model
  • Cost-effectiveness Advantage



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