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Supply Chain management is the planning and sourcing of goods and resources in order to produce a complete product and to transport the manufactured products, making it available for it’s end users. For a supply chain to be complete it is also necessary that the entire process to function the same way when reversed i.e reverse logistics. From planning a strategy to sourcing of raw material for goods and services with a focus on the produce and delivery keeping in mind return of damaged or unwanted goods. SCM is a connected chain of companies, individuals, technologies, resources that come together for the final end product for sale.  

Large organizations approach the  Vendors, Retailers, Suppliers, and Customers at a system-wide level that begins and ends with CRM (customer relationship management) - any Supply Chain Management System is incomplete without a strong CRM process forming the backbone of the entire supply chain.

The all in one approach to the above mentioned is SCM Buzz and CRM Buzz from CyBuzzSC Infotech.