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The power sector is fundamental to economic growth, enhancing the competitiveness of the industry and improving the quality of life of citizens should be a must for every nation. India is currently the world’s third-largest consumer of electricity and its total energy needs are poised to grow significantly as it assumes more prominence from a global perspective as a growing nation. Here technology plays a major role in efficient energy distribution and power is one of them.

Below is a list of softwares we have:

Power Exchange Trading Solution - PETS Buzz
It is a solution developed for power trading on the 2 exchanges in India , namely IEX & PXIL.

Solar Power Trading Solution - SPTS Buzz(SPoTS)
It is a versatile solution developed exclusively for Solar power trading in India. Solar Power is a natural source of energy which is vastly available and the most economical source. 

Wind Power Trading Solution - WPTS Buzz(WiPoTS)
It is a versatile solution developed exclusively for Wind power trading in India.